Harmony with Nature - Waterfall

Sustainability is not an easy concept to grasp. It goes beyond recycling. It goes beyond water conservation. It goes beyond solar power. It is the integration of all of these things in products, systems and lifestyles. Sustainable San Mateo County defines sustainability as "meeting the needs of this generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Sustainability is a paradigm shift that leads us to reorder our priorities and account for value in a different way. It asks us to use creativity and technology to create a better world. As William McDonough, author of Cradle to Cradle, says, "the thrill is not getting to zero waste, but in unleashing creativity through a new vision of abundance."

The sustainability section of the RecycleWorks website addresses fundamental changes to the way energy, housing, product design and business is being thought about. Renewable energy is available in San Mateo County. Buildings are being designed so they produce less waste and require less energy. Products are being created from materials that can be taken apart and used to make something new without major energy inputs. These solutions are not easy and require collaboration among many sectors of the economy. The RecycleWorks website strives to be a resource to move sustainability forward in San Mateo County.