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RecycleWorks is a program
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County of San Mateo RecycleWorks Facilities

San Mateo County Facilities Recycling
The recycling program for San Mateo County employees


We're proud of the recycling happening at County facilities. Thanks to our employees, we are helping the County meet the goal of Shared Vision 2025, "Important natural resources are preserved and enhanced through environmental stewardship." With the participation of every employee, San Mateo County strives to set an example for public agencies and other businesses alike by having a successful waste reduction and recycling program.

RecycleWorks and Custodial Services have set up an extensive recycling program throughout County facilities that saves natural resources and County dollars every day. The more we recycle, the lower our garbage bills and the less we waste. In the end, recycling is good for the environment and our bottom line! Explore the links to the left for information about how you can help us green San Mateo County.

RecycleWorks provides assistance to County departments and offices. Any employee can contact RecycleWorks with suggestions or requests for assistance, and RecycleWorks will follow up appropriately.

Services Available

  • RecycleWorks will assist you to set up waste reduction and recycling programs by providing:
    • Recycling bins and labels to make your office recycling a success
    • Assistance with recycling other materials such as excess binders, CDs, food waste, etc.
    • Technical support to your office in purchasing or acquiring used items or products with recycled content
  • Oversight of outside external trash and recycling bin service
    • Set up new recycling service with waste hauler
    • Address illegal dumping on County sites
    • Realize opportunities for the County to save money by using less

If you have questions, or you would like to set up a new program at your site, have a missed pick-up or would like to order more recycling bins, call 888-442-2666 or send an email to RecycleWorks in the Groupwise email system.