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Energy Trivia Questions

Thank you for participating in our Energy Trivia for National Public Works Week! We received many responses each day, including great ideas on how the County can save energy. We will be posting a summary of the energy saving ideas submitted. Check back at the end of the week. For a list of winners click here.

Trivia Questions from:

Thursday - 5/25/06
  1. Recommend one new idea that the County can implement to reduce its energy usage.

    This can be something small (such as replace the gaskets on the refrigerator in our kitchen so that it doesn't leak out cold air) to large ideas. You can identify something that needs to be fixed, retrofitted or upgraded or you can suggest a change in behavior, such as identifying lights that are left on all night. But be real - we are going to seriously look at the ideas that come in! And be specific enough that we can do it. It can reduce either electricity or gas usage.

Wednesday - 5/24/06
  1. True or False. Regular (CRT) computer monitors use the same amount of electricity as flat screen monitors.

    Answer: False

  2. Rank the following items from highest to lowest average energy usage while turned off: Computer, Radio/Clock, DVD Player, Microwave Oven, VCR.

    1. VCR (6.0)
    2. DVD Player (4.2)
    3. Microwave (2.9)
    4. Computer (1.7)
    5. Radio/Clock (1.7)

  3. How much longer do fluorescent lamps last than incandescent lamps?

    Answer: Typically 10 times longer.

Tuesday - 5/23/06
  1. Looking at the chart, Colour Temperatures in Degrees Kelvin, what color temperature in degrees Kelvin matches Noon Daylight?

    Answer: 5000 Degrees Kelvin (Answers in the range of 4,000-6,000 K will be accepted).

  2. Lamps with a low Color Rendition Index (CRI), like sodium vapor lamps (street or parking lot lights) make things look _______. Higher CRI lamps render blue, green and violet, which make things look _______.

    Answer: orange, white

  3. Fill in the blank. Over the lifetime of a single fluorescent T8 lamp one can save $ _______ in utility bills, over _______ kWh of electricity (the same amount delivered by burning _______ lbs of coal) and prevent the release of _______ lbs of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.

    Answer: 70-80, 500, 500, 500

Monday - 5/22/06
  1. True or False. In San Mateo County, the commercial sector accounts for less than half of the county's total energy use.

    Answer: False

  2. Name 2 things the County is currently doing to reduce energy usage.

    Answer: Retrofit lights to more energy efficient ones, install co-generators, or purchase fuel-efficient vehicles.

  3. How many hybrid vehicles does the County have in its fleet?

    Answer: 75