At School

Welcome to the school's section of the RecycleWorks website. In this section you will find curriculum and project ideas for the kids, information about setting up recycling programs at school, gardening and composting projects, tips for your facilities and maintenance staff and the latest news about legislation, good policy examples and award programs. You will also find resources for your own professional development.

You can sign up for RecycleWorks elists to receive email notices from RecycleWorks notifying you of environmental news, events, opportunities, and grants.

Schools can model good resource conservation habits by implementing recycling and waste prevention programs, maintaining an educational garden, and incorporating green building concepts into facilities. These programs will encourage students to make resource conservation a part of their lifestyle - not only at school, but also at home and in the future.

Poster Constest 2004 Winner
   Winning Poster 2004, Vincent Tong, South Hillsborough School.