Unincorporated Franchised Areas in the SBWMA

  • Baywood Park (Crystal Springs area)
  • Burlingame Hills
  • Devonshire Canyon
  • Emerald Lake Hills
  • Harbor Industrial
  • Kensington Square
  • Oak Knoll
  • Peninsula Golf Club
  • Palomar Park
  • San Mateo Highlands
  • Sequoia Tract
  • Trailer Ranchero

Residential Rates in Unincorporated Franchised Areas

General Information

Commercial Customer Information

Additional Commercial Customer Information

County Ordinance Code Chapter 4.04 Garbage Collection and Disposal

For questions please contact:

  • Recology San Mateo County: 650-595-3900
  • SBWMA: South Bayside Waste Management Authority - (Also known as "Rethink Waste") - for program questions: www.rethinkwaste.org.
  • San Mateo County Department of Public Works: 650-363-4100

Information on the SBWMA

Map of the unincorporated areas in the SBWMA

The Process for Creating a New Franchised Area:

  1. Request to the Board of Supervisors that the service area be added as a franchised area. Refer, Public Resource Code, Part 8., CHAPTER 3. FRANCHISE BY COUNTIES, 49200-49205 for more information.

  2. Board Approval
  3. Letter to Homeowners

Approving the New Franchise Agreement with Recology

The Board adopts the new Shoreway Recycling and Disposal Center Agreement

SBWMA Documentation: Contractors Compensation and Rate Setting Process for Upcoming Rate Years Beginning with 2013

Frequently Asked Questions