Because RecycleWorks serves residents of San Mateo County, California, the resources listed below are designed specifically for those persons. RecycleWorks regrets that, with a few exceptions, we cannot accommodate requests from persons who do not live or work in San Mateo County.

Electronic Guides
RecycleWorks offers subject-specific Guides. These are generated from our database of recycling facilities, donation centers, and green products, so the information will always be the most current available.

Printed Publications
Single copies of the below printed publications on recycling and waste reduction are available for free to people who live or work in San Mateo County. Larger orders will be considered. Simply enter the number of copies of each article you would like to receive, fill out the information below, and click the 'Place Order' button. We will send them out as soon as we receive your order.

Electronic Guides:
Recycling Guides
Purchasing Guides
Where to Donate Unwanted, Usable Items

Print Publications:
Construction Recycling
Green Building
Spanish (Español)


San Mateo County Commercial Brochure
A comprehensive guide to waste reduction in the workplace. Selected sheets of interest may be used with or without accompanying folder that features two inside pockets, one on each side. The guide offers individual information sheets covering the following topics:
  • Electronics/Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Debris Box Companies/Hauling Companies
  • AB 341 - Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law/Garbage/Recycling Service Providers
  • Sustainable Landscaping for Businesses
  • Source Reduction Reduce Unsolicited Mail at your Worksite
  • Buy Recycled Products/Use Less Toxics
  • Choose to Reuse/Donating or Purchasing Used Office Furniture
  • Recycle More than What is Collected Curbside (for more unusual items)
  • Recycle Paper Products and Bottles and Cans
  • Conserve Energy and Increase your Bottom Line!
  • How to Save Water at your Business

San Mateo County Commercial Brochure
view PDF
Break it Up Poster
A large poster designed for warehouses and places where a lot of unpacking is done. It asks people to break down the boxes and stack the cardboard for recycling.

Break It Up Poster
Break It Up!
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Lumberjack Poster
This poster is designed to be placed above copy machines. It encourages people to think about how many copies they need, to buy recycled paper, to do double sided copies and to edit electronically.
Lumberjack Poster
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Backyard Composting
This pamphlet gives the basics of how to make compost, the ingredients needed, and what compost's benefits are.

Grasscycling is leaving your grass clippings on the lawn. This brochure explains why and how to practice this time-saving technique that benefits your lawn, your pocketbook and the environment.

How to Feed Your Worms
The brochure provides helpful hints for worm bin owners.

Put Your Nursery Pots Back to Use
This pamphlet lists local nurseries that will allow patrons to return the black plastic grower pots for reuse.

What is a Sustainable Garden?
This brochure describes the different ways to create a garden that works in harmony with nature.

Construction Recycling:

The Construction & Demolition Recycling Pocket Guide
This is a glove compartment-sized pamphlet in English and Spanish that can be taken out to any job site. It provides phone numbers and addresses of all the major recycling facilities in San Mateo County. It also includes a list of hazardous materials and information on where to call to properly dispose of them.

Download C&D Pocket Guide

Construction and Demolition Pocket Guide in English and Spanish

The Construction Site Recycling Guide (Office Edition)
This guide offers detailed information on city recycling requirements, salvage and reuse, hazardous waste, recycling, disposal and hauling. This is an ideal booklet to keep and use whenever planning the waste management portion of any construction or demolition job in San Mateo County.

Download C&D Office Guide

Construction Site Recycling Guide

Recycling is Part of the Job
This is a poster that outlines the major waste streams found at any construction or demolition site. It can be hung in a construction company office to help employees understand how construction-related waste products need to be sorted and recycled or disposed.

Construction and Demolition Poster
Recycling is Part of the Job
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Green Building:

Green It Yourself - Smart Ideas for Home Improvement
A handy reference guide for Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation and Green Materials. Copies of this item are presently not available.

Download the Green It Yourself Guide

Green It Yourself Smart Ideas for Home Improvement


Natural Connections: Exploring San Mateo County with Your Children (Available in Spanish)
This pamphlet has simple, fun activities your family can do together to explore new locations or look at the outdoors differently.

Download the Natural Connections Brochure

Natural Connections: Exploring San Mateo County with Your Children
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Recycling Guide for San Mateo County Residents
This guide contains information about drop-off locations and buyback facilities for common household items. Places where these materials in good condition can be re-used, and collection locations for household hazardous waste are also included.

Download the Recycling Guide for San Mateo County Residents

Reduce Unwanted Mail
This pamphlet contains tips to reduce junk mail as well as post cards for removing your name from a mailing list.

download the kit to reduce unwanted mail

Re-Use Guide: Where to Donate Unwanted Items
This brochure lists organizations accepting common household items in good condition. Note: Guide is also available at


Resource Conservation News: A Newsletter for Schools in San Mateo County
A resource describing what is available to schools in San Mateo County on resource conservation topics. Download Resource Conservation News

The San Mateo County Habitat PosterX

Waste-Free Lunch Poster
This colorful poster explains why and how we can have a no-waste lunch.

The San Mateo County Habitat PosterX
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San Mateo County - A Great Place to Live - An educational package with three helpful parts:

Natural Connections - Exploring San Mateo County with your Children (Available in Spanish)
This pamphlet lists simple, fun activities in local natural areas (such as a park or backyard) for elementary school children.

The Habitat Game
This fun and engaging game teaches 3rd and 4th grade students about the diversity of habitats in San Mateo County and gives them concrete ideas of what they can do to protect those areas. Available for local educators only.

The San Mateo County Habitat Poster
Depicts ten habitats of the County, and encourages respect, exploration and protection of the local environment.

The San Mateo County Habitat PosterX
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Spanish (Español):

El Juego del Regiones Naturales
Este juego es interesante y diverdito, y les enseña a los estudiantes del tercero y cuarto nivel de la primaria sobre la variedad de diferentes áreas del medio ambiente en el Condado de San Mateo. Tambien el juego les da ideas como pueden proteger esas áreas. Este juego esta disponible solamente para los maestros locales.

11 Maneras Faciles de Reducir Su Basura a la Mitad

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Electronic Guides

The following guides are generated from our database, so the information is current as it is printed. Please bookmark the guide you want easy access to. Each time you return to that link, it will be the most current information available.

Recycling Guides

Buy Back Centers Guide - where to redeem containers for cash
Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Guide
Curbside Plastics Curbside Recycling Guide
Debris Box Services
Mixed Construction and Demolition Guide
Office Recycling Guide
School Recycling Guide
Where to Recycle E-waste Guide (Computers, etc)

Purchasing Guides

Green Building Materials Guide
Where to Buy Landscaping Supplies
Salvage Yards & Stores
Where to Buy Plastic Lumber
Where to Buy Recycled Paper Guide
Where to Buy Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaic Systems

Where to Donate Unwanted, Usable Items

County of San Mateo Re-Use Guide - "Where to Donate Unwanted Items" (PDF chart)
Re-Use Guide (Where to Donate Unwanted Items - listed alphabetically)
Where to Donate Excess Food

The Department of Conservation provides an assortment of free posters

Order posters.

CalRecycle provides free posters and other publications:

To look at paper waste reduction posters and other materials available from CalRecycle, check out these links:
Paper Waste Reduction Posters
Posters for Businesses and Educational Organizations
Online and downloadable publications for businesses and residents
Business Fact Sheets
Publications that can be ordered from the Board