Letter to Purchasing

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To: Department/Purchasing Manager
From: Your Name HERE!
Re: Request for Recycled Paper

I am writing to request that our organization adopt the use of recycled chlorine-free paper as the standard for our company/organization. Buying recycled paper is a simple and convenient way our organization can help the environment - and join the many major corporations/organizations worldwide that are adopting environmentally sound procurement practices.

More than 90 percent of the printing and writing paper made in this country is still made from trees . Every ton of recycled paper substituted for non-recycled paper saves 17 trees, uses fewer chemicals and natural resources, and reduces air and water pollution. High quality recycled paper is widely available. In fact, recycled paper is made by the best paper mills in the world. Recycled paper performs competitively with non-recycled sheets in printing presses, copiers, laser printers, computers, inserters, and other office equipment. Recycled paper is priced about the same-or less-than paper without recycled-content.

Here's how we can transition our workplace to the use of recycled paper:

  • Specify "recycled" when ordering any paper product or printing job, including stationery, envelopes, adding machine tape, forms, business cards, checks, ledgers, file folders, tablets, note pads, and index cards - even toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins.

  • See www.RecycleWorks.org/paper/index.html for a list of recycled paper vendors, including large quantity sources, catalog and internet ordering, cooperative buying sources, and local retailers.

  • For more information, including bid and contracting procedures, refer to Resourceful Purchasing: A Hands-On Buyers' Manual with How-To-Do-It Guidance for Source Reduction and Recycled Products (published by the Alameda Waste Management Authority), available through www.RecycleWorks.org/paper/index.html. You can also call the recycling hotline for personal help. Alameda County: 1-877-STOPWASTE, San Mateo County: 1-888-442-2666, Santa Clara County: 1-800-533-8414.

Thank you. Please let me know if I can help to implement this change.