Article for Chamber of Commerce Newsletters

Buy Recycled Paper, and Save Trees, Energy

Did you know that more than 90 percent of the printing and writing paper made in this country is still made from trees instead of recycled paper? Every ton of recycled paper substituted for non-recycled paper saves 17 trees and a significant amount of energy, water, and air pollution.

Make the switch to recycled paper. Buying recycled paper is a simple and convenient way your organization can help the environment - and join the many major organizations worldwide that are adopting environmentally sound procurement practices.

"Our senior management realized the environment is a strategic business issue that is here to stay," remarked Candace Skarlatos, Senior Vice President of Environmental Initiatives at Bank of America. "With the recent merger, Bank of America made a commitment to use recycled paper, set a baseline for the new merged company, and agreed to report progress annually." In the first year of the merger, the bank converted 40% of their paper use to recycled.

High quality recycled paper is readily available and priced competitively with non-recycled brands. Recycled paper performs as well as non-recycled sheets and can be used successfully in a wide variety of uses from finicky copiers to high-end graphics printing.

What you can do:

  • Specify at least "30 % post-consumer recycled" when ordering any paper product, including printing and copy paper, envelopes, post-it notes, adding machine tape, forms, business cards, checks, letters, file folders, tablets, note pads, index cards, letterhead - even toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins. Buy the highest post-consumer content you can, balanced against your budget and functional needs.

  • Request recycled paper on all print jobs, and label communications with "Printed on Recycled Paper".

For assistance and more information visit the Bay Area Recycled Paper Outreach Campaign website at, or call your local County recycling hotline: Alameda County 877-stopwaste, San Mateo County 888-442-2666, Santa Clara County 800-533-8414.