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A comprehensive website about environmentally sound paper. Conservatree is a nonprofit environmental paper advocacy organization that tracks recycled papers and their markets. 415-721-4230.

Cutting Paper
Practical information about how to reduce the amount of office paper you use. Information is included on a wide variety of topics including: copiers, counting methods, duplex copies, and efficiency strategies.

Environmental Defense
Search by "recycled paper" to read about some of their campaigns.

Environmental Protection Agency
This site has information on EPA regulations, programs, and buy recycled studies.

Environmental Purchasing Programs
Learn more about purchasing policies and how to adopt a buy recycled or environmental purchasing policy in your business or agency.

Federal Network for Sustainability
Greening Federal Copier Paper.

Forest Ethics
This Paper Campaign is a national grassroots movement led by Forest Ethics and the dogwood alliance.

The Green Press Initiative
They are a non-profit program dedicated to saving trees and natural resources through increasing the use of recycled paper in the book publishing sector.

The Magazine P.A.P.E.R.
Project Printing alternatives promoting Environmental Responsibility

Native Forest Network
An international organization, whose website is dedicated to news on the state of the world's forests, as well as campaigns and statistics about forest use. Also an excellent source for information on the paper making processes.

WorldWatch Institute
A comprehensive website which provides a "Behind-the-Scene-Guide" to the things we buy. This website contains facts, along with simple things to do to save trees, use less paper and recycle. The Worldwatch Institute is an independent research organization that works for an environmentally sustainable and socially just society.