stop receiving junkmail

Reduce Your Junk Mail

It's good to recycle your junk mail. It's even better to stop getting it.
Click on either of the two icons below and follow the quick and easy steps to reduce junk mail coming to your home and office.

Stop Junk Mail

This year San Mateo County RecycleWorks is participating in the Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition Stop Junk Mail campaign. For information on the campaign visit:

Green Your Vote

Green Your Vote

Attention San Mateo County Voters! You can help save the environment and taxpayer dollars if you become an ecovoter and sign up to get your Official Voter Information Pamphlet online from the Elections Office web site, rather than mailed to your home. Once you make the request (in 3 easy steps) the Election office will stop printing and mailing you a paper copy of the voter pamphlet and let you view the pamphlet online whenever you want, as many times as you want from anywhere you want. It's 'green,' save trees and is free, convenient, flexible, and available 24/7 in English, Chinese and Spanish.