Environmental Rebates & Incentives

Public agencies and utilities offer rebates regularly for energy efficiency and other environmentally sensitive choices. Sometimes, you can get rebates from two different agencies for the same product - for example, when you buy an efficient washing machine, you can receive one rebate from PG&E and one from your local water agency. As rebates constantly change and are generally applicable to a certain customer base or residents in a particular jurisdiction, you should verify information before making decisions or purchases.

Pacific Gas and Electric

PG&E offers ongoing rebates for energy-saving appliances and equipment for residential and business customers.

San Mateo County Energy Watch

San Mateo County Energy Watch provides energy-efficiency services and incentives for qualifying low-income residents, businesses, public agencies, and non-profits in San Mateo County.

conservation rebates

Visit the Water Saving Hero website and learn about rebates for water-conserving appliances

Emerging Renewable Rebate Program

The Emerging Renewable Rebate Program is sponsored by the California Energy Commission. These rebates are offered for many different kinds of renewable energy systems including solar. The CEC also hosts the Solar Schools Program, which offers substantial financial support to schools interested in installing photovoltaics.

savings by design

Savings by Design is an incentive program by PG&E to encourage integrated design or systems design in non-residential buildings.


CalRecycle regularly offers grants for playground equipment with recycled content and sustainable building grants that include materials with recycled tires.


If your car is currently registered and is 22 years or older , you may be able to participate in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Vehicle Buy Back Program and earn $650 for recycling your old car.