RecycleWorks Grants Program

The grant program has been temporarily suspended. Please check back in October of 2012 for updates and possible applications for the 2013 Grant Cycle.

Funding assistance for nonprofit organizations, private businesses, schools or governmental agencies located in San Mateo County.

We offer funding assistance to public agencies, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, educational institutions and other qualified parties. RecycleWorks Grants Program offers two tiers of grants: the NanoGrant and the MiniGrant.

Grants Available:

The NanoGrant (for funding requests under $2,500) is available to support small projects that will educate, increase awareness, reduce waste, increase recycling, conserve resources including energy and water, build better buildings and reduce CO2 emissions or other greenhouse gases in San Mateo County. NanoGrants are designed to serve a variety of potential applicants who need access to small amounts of money for a limited time and for a specific purpose that support RecycleWorks objectives and priorities.

The MiniGrant (for funding requests up to $25,000) is available for organizations to create programs that will initiate or expand reuse, waste reduction, recycling, composting, green building and sustainability in San Mateo County.

Grant Deadline: N/A

Evaluation Criteria:

All submitted proposals that are in compliance with the grant application requirements and application instructions will be evaluated and rated, according to the following criteria:
  • Project Conception - Proposal is clear and comprehensible with a realistic timeline; project activities are well defined and technically feasible.
  • Outcomes - Goals and Objectives are clearly stated, specific, realistic, and measurable.
  • Organizational Capacity - Management, staff or students are qualified to implement project and achieve stated objectives.
  • Financial Viability - Organization demonstrates sound fiscal management; project budget is realistic and cost effective.
  • Priorities - How well the proposal fits within the priorities and purposes of the grant guidelines. Grant projects serve or benefit Unincorporated San Mateo County.
  • Recycled Content - Projects use of recycled content materials.

If you have questions regarding the NanoGrant or MiniGrant, please contact Gerald Schwartz in writing to

Ocean Shore School Greenhouse Built from Salvaged Lumber
Ocean Shore School Greenhouse Built from Salvaged Lumber

La Honda School Garden
La Honda School Garden

La Honda School Garden
Field Trip at the Marine Science Institute

La Honda School Garden
School Recycling Poster