Government Section

The pages in this section pertain to city, county and state policies regarding waste reduction and other environmental issues. You will also find contact information for all cities in San Mateo County as well as many other public agencies in this section.

RecycleWorks is a Government Program

RecycleWorks is a program of San Mateo County within the Public Works Department. RecycleWorks primarily provides outreach to all residents and businesses in San Mateo County and oversees waste and recycling services for County facilities and Unincorporated San Mateo County areas. RecycleWorks is not affiliated with any of the private waste haulers in San Mateo County, but does help to promote their recycling services.

RecycleWorks Mission

RecycleWorks creates, delivers, and promotes recycling, composting, waste prevention, procurement, sustainability and green building programs and outreach at County facilities and for residents, employees, businesses and visitors in the unincorporated area of the county and, when appropriate, throughout San Mateo County to encourage, facilitate, and achieve resource conservation and the practice of responsible environmental stewardship and to maintain compliance with the California Integrated Waste Management Act (AB 939).