Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information on my curbside recycling program?
See: Curbside Programs Page

How do I get rid of paint, chemicals, fluorescent lights, pesticides, batteries and other hazardous wastes?
See: Toxics - Disposal and Reduction

How do I recycle or donate a computer, TV or other electronic item?
See: Electronics

Where can I redeem my glass, aluminum and plastic bottles ($.08 for containers under 24 oz.. and $.10 for containers over 24 oz.)?
See: California Redemption Value Buy Back Centers

Where can I recycle or donate a particular item?
See: Recycle/Donate Now

Where can I buy a recycled, used, or green product?
See: Buy Recycled

How can I donate/sell or acquire used goods?
See: ReUse Center

How do I find green building products or a green building professional such as an architect, designer, contractor or engineer?
See: Green Building Material and Professional Databases

Where can I get more information on recycling plastics?
See: Plastics

How do I get rid of items that thrift stores won't take?
See: Exchange Websites

Where can I get posters to publicize recycling at work?
See: Order Posters & Publications