Facts & Figures

This section of the website is your springboard to quantitative information regarding recycling and waste reduction. In California recycling levels are measured by city and are generally referred to as diversion rates. Diversion is the percentage of waste that is being diverted from the landfill as compared to a base year. The theory is that the more you divert from the landfill, the more is being recycled or not generated in the first place. Diversion rates of each city are reported annually to CalRecycle.

If you are interested in learning more about particular materials that make up the waste stream or would like to know what sectors different types of waste are coming from, visit the Waste Stream Profiles page.

If you are looking for statistics on various quality of life indicators in San Mateo County, you will want to view the Sustainability Indicator's Report. This report is updated annually and provides fact-based information on local trends such as air quality, energy use, solid waste, water use, housing, transportation, public library use, wealth distribution, etc.