Construction, Demolition, and Deconstruction (C&D) Introduction

Do you have a building project in the unincorporated areas of San Mateo County? If so, you may be required to fill out a Waste Management Plan. We also have information on our website for other San Mateo County cities' recycling requirements.

Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste is a significant and growing part of the disposed waste stream in California; it makes up approximately 29% of the disposed waste. C&D materials are generated in the construction and demolition of residential and commercial buildings, roads, tenant improvements projects, remodels, landscaping and site clearing activities.

Reducing the amount of C&D materials disposed in the landfill will help San Mateo County jurisdictions meet California's AB939 waste reduction mandate. Salvaging, reusing, and recycling C&D materials can reduce disposal costs, extend the life of landfills, save natural resources and create jobs.

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Components of C&D Waste

The average composition of construction and demolition waste, as disposed is illustrated in the following chart. Most of these materials could be diverted from disposal and either reused or recycled.

Download for detailed info on construction recycling facilities, debris box companies and salvage yards in the Bay Area.

Average Composition of Construction and Demolotion Waste: Wood 27.4%, Asphalt/Concrete/Brink/Dirt 23.3%, Drywall 13.4%, Roofing 12%, Metal 8.8%, Cardboard Paper 2.7%, Plastics .5%, Miscellaneous 11.9%

To find recycling facilities, salvage yards and debris box companies, visit the Recycling Database and search under "Construction."