Worm Composting Basics
worm and apple

Living with worms
Being surface dwellers, your worms will live happily in a shallow bin in your home. Their natural habitats are compost piles, decaying leaves and manure piles. With little effort on your part you can have a ready supply of pure organic plant food and help divert food waste from landfills and water treatment facilities.

How do I get started?
You need a place for your worms to live. You can purchase a worm bin at a discounted price from County of San Mateo RecycleWorks, build your own wooden bin or purchase a plastic container with a lid and make a bin. Whichever bin you choose, your worms will need a shallow bin to live in that allows plenty of air to circulate through the bin.

What type of worms should I use?
The worms best suited for a worm bin are red wrigglers. Larger worms such as night crawlers live deeper in the earth and will not be happy in a shallow bin. However, red wrigglers live close to the surface of the ground, process large amounts of organic material, reproduce quickly and tolerate a wide range of temperatures (they are happiest at temperatures between 59-77°F), acidity and moisture conditions. All this makes them the ideal worm to use in a worm bin.

How to build a bin

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