Worm Troubleshooting

Problem Possible causes
Odors Too much food for the quantity of worms
Food is not covered
Not enough oxygen
Take any moldy food away and cover with fresh shredded newspaper. Do not feed for a few days giving the worms time to finish the food that's in the bin.
Worms are dying Bin too acidic Take out any citrus and add powdered limestone. Make sure it says CaCO3–95%. Caustic, slaked and hydrated lime will kill your worms. Egg shells or oyster shells also help in keeping the bin from becoming too acidic.
Worms are trying to leave the bin Too dry or

Too wet
Add moisture if bedding is too dry

Add shredded dry newspaper
Flies Fruit flies are attracted to exposed food
Always bury food underneath shredded newspaper.
Ants   Ants are part of the composting process but are a nuisance in a worm bin. Bins with legs: place legs in coffee cans filled with water or mineral oil. Bins without legs: Run a 1" swath of Vaseline all around the top of the bin.
Do not use ant baits that contain arsenic.