Problem Possible Causes
Odors May be too wet or may have too much green (nitrogen) or clumps of green Turn your pile. Too much moisture can create odor problems and slow the composting process. Turn the pile and add dry browns i.e., leaves, sawdust, straw or newspaper.
Flies Exposed food Fruit flies are attracted to food scraps that are exposed on top of a pile. Always put your food waste in the middle of the pile and bury it into a few inches of brown material i.e., leaves or shredded newspaper.
Pile will not heat up Pile is too small

Pile is too dry

Lack of greens (nitrogen)
Add more material

Add water and turn

Add grass clippings, manure or food scraps
Pests i.e. raccoons, rats Exposed food especially meat, poultry, fish or fatty scraps Turn pile to increase temperature or cover food with leaves, sawdust or soil. Always bury food a few inches down in the center of the pile.

Keep all lids fastened or weighted down.

Line the bottom of the bin with a small mesh wire if you suspect rodents are entering through the bottom.

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