Nurseries Accepting Plastic Nursery Pots for Reuse

black nurseery pots can be reused

Please call your local nursery if they don't appear on this list. Many nurseries will take back black rigid plastic pots and return them to growers for reuse.

Each nursery listed has specifications as to what size pots they will accept. Please follow their guidelines. Pots must be empty and unbroken to be re–used. Leave pots during business hours only. Acceptable sizes and hours of business may be subject to seasonal change; please call ahead to verify hours, and materials accepted.

black nurseery pots can be reused

Bongard's Treescape Nursery
12460 San Mateo Road (Highway 92)
Half Moon Bay
Open 9:00-5:00, Monday - Sunday
All sizes

Golden Nursery 
1122 2nd Avenue 
San Mateo 
Open 9:00-5:00, Monday-Sunday
Accepts all containers from Golden Nursery.

Half Moon Bay Nursery
11691 San Mateo Road (Highway 92)
Half Moon Bay
Open 9:00-5:00, Monday-Sunday
4" and above; single pots only

M&M Nursery
332 Woodside Road
Redwood City
Open 8:00-5:00 Monday-Saturday
1-15 gallons and flats

Wegman's Nursery
492 Woodside Road
Redwood City
Open 7 days a week
1 gallon and larger
Black only
Call first

Yerba Buena Nursery
12511 San Mateo Road (Highway 92)
Half Moon Bay, CA
Open 9:00-5:00, Tuesday-Saturday and Sunday 12:00-4:00
1 gallon only
Black only