Is it done? How to use it.

Is it done?

Compost is finished when the material in the pile is dark brown, has a rich humus look and feel, and smells like a forest floor.

Not all of the material in your pile decomposes equally. There may be a recognizable leaf or stalk left. you can use a screen of 1/4" hardware cloth to screen any large material that is left. Put this material back in the pile or start a second bin or pile to hold compost until it is finished.

How do I use it?

  • Use it as a soil condition. It helps clay soils to be better aerated; it helps sandy soils hold mosture much better.
  • Use it as a top dressing.
  • Spread it around trees and shrubs.
  • Use it as a mulch.
  • Use it as a tonic for ailing plants.
  • Use it as a potting mixture. A general mix of 1 part sand, 2 parts sifted compost, and 1-2 parts soil works well.
Different methods