Waste Prevention

Reduce Paper Use

  • Always print and copy double-sided
  • Print only what is necessary
  • Route one hard copy to several readers, or even better use electronic file sharing

The PaperLess Program: Santa Clara County's Paperless program has a comprehensive list of waste prevention ideas that will help your company go PaperLess.

Reduce packaging and shipping materials

  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging.
  • Ask suppliers to take back transport packaging such as pallets or switch to reusable packaging.
  • Re–use packaging for outgoing shipments.

Use less — re–use more

  • Use and maintain durable equipment and supplies. High quality, long–lasting supplies and equipment that can be repaired easily mean fewer discards and lower costs in the long run.
  • Change company policies and operations to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and conserve materials. Set up a re–use area where employees can take unneeded supplies rather than throwing them away and encourage staff to "shop" there.
  • Exchange, sell, or give away unneeded goods for re–use. Donate excess food, used furniture, and other materials to local organizations such as homeless shelters or charities.

Tips for specific industries

CalRecycle offers tips for specific industries. Use these links to access their information on your industry. If you want more information, call our RecycleWorks Hotline at 1–888–442–2666