Timeline for Implementing Recycling at Your Event

One Year
  • Become familiar with aspects of event
  • Waste characterization/generation study
  • Research equipment to be purchased
  • Research education/outreach opportunities
  • Assess local recycling markets
  • Create strategic diversion plan
  • Appoint someone to be recycling coordinator
Six Months
  • Contact waste/recycling haulers and become familiar with services
  • Research volunteer resources
  • Meet with vendors to discuss recycling
  • Select and order equipment and education/outreach items
  • Assess local recycling markets
  • Modify strategic diversion plan
  • Design collection, sorting and transportation system
  • Decide which materials will be source separated vs. co-mingled
  • Research donation opportunities
  • Organize recycling task force and plan for monthly meetingsv
  • Select outreach element
  • Plan for reusable/compostable items
Two Months
  • Order recycling/waste services
  • Organize and educate volunteers
  • Include recycling procedures in vendor packet
  • Confirm equipment and education/outreach orders
  • Review local recycling markets
  • Organize education element
  • Submit press releases
  • Order reusable/compostable items
  • Confirm waste/recycling services
  • Create vendor recycling procedures
  • Receive equipment and outreach/education orders
  • Confirm donations
  • Train staff on recycling procedures
  • Confirm reusable/compostable order
  • Confirm donation pick-up
  • All equipment and education/outreach items delivered to one location
  • Confirm all requested items are received
  • Begin recycling as soon as set-up activities start
  • Confirm waste/recycling hauler is prepared to collect materials
Day Before
  • Walk-through training with cleaning staff or volunteers
  • Pass out recycling procedures to vendors
  • Strategically place bins
  • Make sure all items are delivered to event
  • Confirm staff is aware of recycling procedures
  • Confirm bins are in correct place
  • Monitor and change bins as needed
  • Move bins if excessively contaminated
  • Receive documentation of every trash and recycling load removed from event
  • Monitor all aspects of recycling program
  • Make notes where improvements can be made
After Event
  • Send thank you letters
  • Submit follow up press release
  • Recognize exceptional participants
  • Apply for recycling awards
  • Review program success/failures
  • Develop diversion reports
  • Evaluate economics of recycling
  • Begin to plan for next year