Planning Details for Recycling at Your Event

What to discuss with recycling/waste haulers:

  • What materials need to be separated?
  • How many bins will event need?
  • Where will they be delivered?
  • Who will place them?
  • recycling truck
  • Who will empty them?
  • Where will dumpsters be located?
  • How often will dumpsters be emptied? Time?
  • Acceptable contamination level?
  • Costs?
  • Request reporting
Bin Placement:
  • Place next to trash container
  • Concentrate bins in food service locations
  • Place in well traveled areas (bathrooms, main walkways, entrances/exits)
  • Place bins behind high generating vendors
  • Never place recycling bin alone
recycling bins Education/Labeling:
  • Keep message simple
  • Clearly identify bins
  • Give consistent message
  • Advertise recycling prior to event
  • Make recycling noticeable - posters, banners, stickers, cups
Vendors and Concessionaires:
  • Inform and remind concessionaires and vendors about program
  • Create vendor recycling instructions
  • Include information in packets
  • Vendors generate the majority of cardboard
  • Have recyclables delivered to specific collection point
  • Make "This Vendor is Reducing Waste" signs
  • Award vendors who participate
Possible post-event donations:
  • Perishable food
    • Second Harvest Food Bank 650-281-9439
    • Give it to volunteers
  • Nonperishable food - Search the recycling database under the "Miscellaneous: Food" category
  • Construction and demolition materials - discuss with hauler
  • Left over items - contact local charities, schools, thrift shops