Special Events with Exemplary Recycling Programs

As the benefits of recycling are becoming clearer and people realize the number of recoverable materials thrown away at special events, recycling is becoming more commonplace at large venues. Some cities, such as San Francisco, have ordinances requiring recycling at large events, while some venues, such as the Del Mar Fairgrounds, require their vendors to recycle.

Grant Opportunities

California BearCalifornia Division of Recycling
A total of $500,000 in grant funds is available annually to various applicants to promote increased recycling of beverage containers. Grant terms typically run from one to two years and organizations may apply for funding to finance 100 percent of a proposed project. Applications are due in the fall.



CalRecycle website provides comprehensive information and case studies on setting up a successful recycling program at special events and large venues.

Let RecycleWorks to help you get recycling going at your special event. 1-888-442-2666 or info@RecycleWorks.org

Thanks to Leslie Lukacs, Events Recycling Specialist at SCS Engineers, for helping to develop materials on this webpage.