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Surplus Property

The Surplus Property Program operates within Employee and Public Services' Purchasing Division. The Program mission is to evaluate equipment no longer needed or used by departments and designate that equipment for reuse.

The equipment being reused helps save our environment by keeping these items from going to the landfill, reduces the natural resources used in manufacturing new equipment, and furthers Board of Supervisors' Shared Vision 2010 objectives by preserving and enhancing natural resources.

San Mateo County Surplus Warehouse

The success of this program can be attributed to the cooperation and willingness of Departments to recognize value in used equipment, that in earlier times most likely would have been deemed worthless and thrown away. Departments need only contact Surplus Property Officer Russ Hayes, 363-4690, and Russ will pick up and store the equipment until a new destination is found.

Russ evaluates items for potential reuse, sale, donation, or recycling. The available equipment is first offered for reuse to other departments at no cost, and then to the public for a nominal fee. Typical items include file cabinets, computer work tables, older Pentium computers, monitors, metal and wood desks and other office supply items. Departments routinely draw from the surplus inventory as a means of squeezing the most out of their budget. The County also assists qualified 501C3 non-profit agencies with used computer equipment donations and offers at no cost.

Twice monthly public sales are open to the public at the Surplus Warehouse, located at 961 C Bing Street, San Carlos, CA 94070 Sale hours are 10 am - 3 pm.
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