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Computers & Electronics

Electronic waste is a growing problem in California. Analysts estimate that more than 6,000 computers become obsolete in the state every day. It is illegal to dump electronic waste in landfills in California. This includes computers, monitors, mobile phones, printers, televisions, cables, etc. If your department has old computers, monitors, TVs, hard drives and similar electronics to get rid of, they must be sent to the County Surplus Property program, whether they are functional or not.

What happens to our E-waste?


Computers that are no longer functional are deconstructed and all valuable components are salvaged by electronics recycling companies. For pictures of an eWaste recycling facility and a description of the demanufacturing process, click here.

When computers are determined to be surplus, please perform a low-level format of the hard drive, or use ISD's recommended hard drive security procedure.

For a Surplus Pickup request form, contact Russ Hayes at 363-4690 or through Groupwise.recycle icon