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The recycling program for county employees


Batteries are banned from landfills in California due to the toxic metals they contain. It is important that you recycle your batteries to ensure that they are disposed of properly. The best thing you can do as an individual is invest in rechargeable batteries. They cost more than disposable batteries, but the savings is realized down the road when you no longer have to purchase new batteries.

Batteries generated at County facilities are collected via PONY mail, as well as at selected drop-off locations. Lithium and Ni-cad batteries are sent to a company for disassembly and remanufacturing into new batteries. Alkaline batteries are recycled for metal. recycle icon


Due to new regulations, ALL battery terminals (+) (-) must be taped off with clear tape to act as an insulator prior to their transport. Send small quantities of taped facilities batteries via PONY mail to "ATTN: Mailroom, Battery Recycling" (no PONY number is necessary).

Household Batteries

There are many locations throughout the County where you can recycle your household batteries. For a list of battery recycling locations, search our recycling database