Recycling at School

There are a number of recycling programs that can be set up at your school site. Recycling programs for mixed paper and bottles and cans will likely result in the highest quantity of materials recycled, but computers and other electronics should be recycled due to the hazardous materials they contain and recycling other items can bring revenue to your school. On this page you will find the following recycling program information:

Planning a successful recycling program — how to get the support you need for a successful program.

Conducting a waste audit — It's helpful to know what's in your waste stream before deciding what recycling programs to implement.

Computers & electronics — Electronic items contain hazardous materials that should not be disposed of with your other waste. Please recycle these items or dispose of them properly.

Cell phones & printer cartridges for revenue — Collect empty printer cartridges and cell phones for recycling and receive technology, sports and playground equipment, or cash for your school.

Plastic Bottle Cap Recycling Program — This is a non-monetary program for recycling various types of rigid bottle caps by mailing them in pre-paid envelopes. The caps are then made into new caps and into containers.

You can donate books in good condition. Visit the ReUse Center for donation locations in San Mateo County. If your softcover books are damaged, they can be recycled with your mixed paper.