Tips for Hosting No Waste Events

Have you ever noticed how much waste is disposed of from hosting a party or reception? It only takes a little planning and creativity to plan a no–waste party. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Send invitations printed on recycled paper, or send electronic invitations if you know your guests' email addresses.
  • Use reusable gift bags, baskets, tins, boxes, or scarves instead of wrapping paper.
  • Decorate with plants, fabrics and other greeneries instead of plastic streamers, Mylar decorations, or balloons.
  • Give reusable gifts such as picture frames or a rosemary topiary.
  • Give no–waste gifts like theater or sporting event tickets, museum memberships, or spa certificates.
  • Purchase your party supplies in bulk and buy only what you need. Buying the largest size you can use saves packaging.
  • Use reusable dishes, utensils and cloth napkins. If you need paper products, buy the products with recycled paper content.
  • Set up an area to recycle bottles and cans and compost at the party.
  • Rent or borrow infrequently used items like punchbowls or large platters.
  • Non–perishable items can be donated to your local food shelter.