Tips for a No Waste Lunch at Home and at School

lunch with reuseable containers

Did you know that if you use a disposable lunch, you create between 4–8 ounces of garbage everyday? That can add up to as much as 100 pounds per year!

Pack a no-waste lunch for work or school with these tips:

  • Use a lunch box or reusable sack.
  • Pack a cloth napkin and reusable utensils.
  • Put food in reusable food and drink containers.

More ideas:

  • If you must use a disposable plastic bag wash it out and keep reusing it.
  • Purchase your snacks in bulk size and repack into individual reusable containers.
  • Pack fresh fruit since it doesn't require any additional packaging.

Helpful hints for school cafeterias:

  • Offer food rather than serve everyone the same so that less food ends up in the trash.
  • Use recyclable or compostable trays and utensils rather than one time use ones that are thrown away.
  • Start a vermicomposting (with worms) or composting program on your school site. You can compost almost all of your food waste except for fats, oils, meats, cheeses and dairy products.