Gardens & Compost

Trinity School Garden

A school garden or compost project is a great teaching tool and is a wonderful way to connect children with the natural world. Providing children with a healthy environment to work and grow in will give them a sense of respect, responsibility, and accomplishment.

There are many different kinds of gardens such as flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and reading gardens. Check out some local gardens to get ideas for your school.

Composting has considerable rewards for your garden and environment. There are three main types of composting: backyard composting, worm composting, and grasscycling.

Our resource lists can also help your school get started.

Resource Lists

We also offer the following list of book recommendations compiled for us by Rachael VanLaanen, former Garden Coordinator at the County's Outdoor Education program and consultant to RecycleWorks. Rachael also identified many of the other resources we've shown here. Thank you Rachael.

Recommended Books