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The Reuse People

Discounted Materials for Facilities
Your school can get construction supplies (toilets, windows, flooring, etc), school furniture and fixtures at deep discounts from The ReUse People in Oakland. Shopping needs to take place on Mondays only from 10-6. The process:

  • Provide a copy of official school letterhead for The ReUse People to keep on file
  • Give the business a list of authorized purchasers for the school
  • On Monday, the person shopping needs to identify themselves as a special "Every Monday" buyer when paying at the register.

The ReUse People, 9235 San Leandro Street, Oakland, 94603 - 1 888-588-9490 or (510) 383-1983. The offer applies also to nonprofits.

sustainable schools

Sustainable Schools
The Division of the State Architect (DSA) offers a variety of information on schools, including data on the relationship between buildings and performance.


California High Performance Schools
Besides being environmentally friendly, green buildings are also credited with maximizing student-learning levels. Collaborative for High Performance Schools is an excellent organization that integrates the idea of efficient building design with student performance.

Flex Your Power

California's Statewide Energy Efficiency Marketing and Outreach Campaign
Flex Your Power has a database in which you can find rebates on equipment, financial incentives, and technical help to make your school more energy-efficient.

Global Green USA's Green Schools Report
Download report (pdf)

Global Green USA's Green Schools Report
The quality of the school building has a direct impact on student performance - students perform better academically in better buildings. This report outlines the quantitative benefits of green schools, including: improved learning, lower operating costs, increased attendance, and better public investment.


Construction Incentives
The Division of the State Architect compiles a list of incentives in the areas of energy, water, materials, siting, green building, landscaping and transportation. This list of construction incentives is updated quarterly and does not claim to contain all existing funding options.


Construction and Demolition Recycling


Hazardous waste recycling/proper disposal
There are many programs and operations at schools that may generate hazardous waste including (but not limited to): science laboratories, facility maintenance, auto body shop, graphic arts, plumbing and heating. If you generate less than 100 kg (250 lbs) of hazardous waste per month, you can use the San Mateo County Environmental Health Services Small Quantity Generator Program. Participation in this program is by appointment only. Call 650- 363-4356 to make an appointment.

Universal Waste
Universal Waste is hazardous material that is commonly used and that poses a lower risk to people and the environment than hazardous waste. Universal waste cannot be disposed of in the garbage and must be handled properly. Universal Waste includes mercury thermostats and thermometers, batteries, fluorescent lights, televisions and computer monitors (cathode ray tubes). Visit our ewaste page for electronics recycling information and call our Household Hazardous Waste Program at 650-363-4356 for disposal sites for all other Universal Waste.