Awards for Schools

RecycleWorks School Recycling Award Program

San Mateo County RecycleWorks has given awards to schools, administrators, students and/or parents. All the award recipients have demonstrated excellence in creating or expanding a recycling program and/or initiated a recycling project within the school community or district to increase awareness of resource conservation.

RecycleWorks School Recycling Award Program Recipients

Central Elementary School has won the School Award for Resource Conservation from RecycleWorks in 2003, a President's Environmental Youth award in 2004 and a Sustainable San Mateo County Award in 2005 for their "Getting Green at Central" program. They organized a school wide recycling movement for the collection of everything from aluminum cans to tennis shoes. The money that they saved from recycling these materials paid for their new play structure. Keep on recycling Central Elementary School!

McKinley Institute of Technology was honored with the School Award for Resource Conservation from RecycleWorks in 2003 for their 7th grade "Bridge to English" program taught by Ms. Morgan. The students in this class took a recycling field trip to understand the processes and benefits of recycling. The class decided to improve upon their school's recycling program by conducting weekly pick-ups of recyclables, and educating the rest of the school about the importance of recycling. The students in the class took pride in the service they were providing to their school and to the environment. Great job McKinley Institute of Technology!

Students at Trinity School in Menlo Park have created a program to let the students give back to their community. In 2004, each class conducted a project focused on recycling, waste reduction and reuse of products. The third graders sponsored a recycling program that collected paper, cans, and bottles. The second graders used leftover lunch waste to vermicompost and created rich soil for the school's garden where each grade raised a small garden of organic plants. Each month, the entire school participated in a no-waste lunch program. All the efforts of Trinity School have helped recycle, reduce and reuse materials. What a wonderful way to help the earth!

Previous School Recycling Award Winners:
1997-1998 Merrily Robinson (teacher) Redwood City School District, Redwood City
1998-1999 SDL Class Crestmoor Elementary School, San Bruno
1998-1999 Linda Mannessis Linda Mar School, Pacifica
1998-1999 Student Council George Hall School, San Mateo
1999-2000 Mr. Rodriguez (gardener) Hillsborough School District, Hillsborough
1999-2000 Mrs. Mangold & Student Council Hatch Elementary School, Half Moon Bay

Other award programs

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