Food for Thought

Consider patronizing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). This system creates a link between urban dwellers and family farms: customers pledge to join the CSA, usually from a time period varying from four weeks to a year. In return, farmers deliver baskets of freshly picked, organic, seasonal produce to central locations near the customers' homes. Most CSA's offer newsletters including recipes, and in addition, offer amenities such as tours, produce tastings, pick–it–yourself events, and potlucks.

In some cases, local farms permit visitors to tour their facilities and to pick their own produce. For a list of these farms, call (650) 726–4485 or send a self–addressed envelope to the San Mateo County Farm Bureau, Harvest Trails Map, 765 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.

Planet Organics™ is a weekly organic produce and grocery home delivery service offered by subscription.

More information on organic farms may be found at California Certified Organic Farmers.

Are you a gardener? You might consider learning about the "Plant a Row for the Hungry," a program of the Garden Writers Association. Call toll–free: 877–492–2727.

Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture, edited by Andrew Kimbrell, published by Island Press, is available at public libraries. The book contains numerous essays by experts, and points out that the average plate of food at the American dinner table has traveled 1,300 miles from source to plate.