Electronic Books

An Alternative to Books: Readable, Audible, Portable, and Waste Reducing

If books annoy you because they lie around getting in the way and collecting dust, now there is an alternative: the e-book. An e-book, sometimes called an electronic book, is an electronic (or digital) equivalent of a conventional printed book. There is no need to get in the car and use gas to fetch the book, and no paper is needed to create it.

An e-book can be either a digital version of a print book that has been optimized for on-screen reading, or an audio book, a recording of the contents of a book read aloud, usually distributed on CDs, cassette tapes, or in digital formats. An electronic book can be listened to while driving or walking, or read online.

One place to explore e-books is the public library. You can now download e-books to your personal computer, laptop, or other portable device using a Peninsula Library System library card. You can copy the audio books from your computer onto CD's and listen to them in your car. The library's page will tell you more.

A whole world of materials is available in electronic format. Full text newspapers and magazines are available through the Peninsula Library System. Online booksellers offer e-books and other types of works. E-books are also available free of charge online. For example, hundreds of free audio books and other documents (famous pieces, poems, short stories, etc) are at LibriVox while 19,000 free e-books are available at Project Gutenberg.

According to Wikipedia most new popular titles put out by the major publishers are available in audiobook format simultaneously with publication of the hardcover edition. There are approximately 25,000 current titles on cassette, CD, or downloadable format. And in terms of space-saving, approximately 500 average e-books can be stored on one CD (equivalent to several shelves' worth of print books).

Consider saving space and natural resources by investigating and enjoying e-books. Experiencing a book in a new way may provide a refreshing addition to life. Furthermore, academic works such as an e-book course on SAT test preparation will help a student by providing and scoring practice tests, and saves the money that obtaining the book would have ordinarily cost. And, happily, the e-book does not need to go to waste after its duty is accomplished.