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July 22, 2002

County of San Mateo Public Works
Contact: Jill Boone, Resource Conservation Programs Manager
(650) 599-1433

County Wins Award for E-Recycling Campaign

Redwood City – RecycleWorks, the County of San Mateo's recycling, composting, and green building program, won the Best Public Education Program Award from the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) for their Electronics Recycling Campaign. The award was presented at the CRRA conference held in Oakland, July 16, 2002.

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"Recycling works," said Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson. "The rapid development of computer technology, which has provided San Mateo County great economic benefit has resulted in more e-waste. E-waste contains toxic materials and heavy metals. They should be considered hazardous waste and not just thrown out with Saturday night's pizza boxes. I'm glad that, as a community, we're working to address the problem," continued Gibson.

"The responsible recycling of e-waste is a good first step. That San Mateo County is being honored reassures me we're headed in the right direction, but I know we have a lot of work ahead to reduce the impacts of e-waste on our community and environment," concluded Gibson.

When the RecycleWorks hotline was created in April 2000, the number one question was where people could recycle their old computers. The County worked with staff from the transfer stations in San Mateo County to research and secure an electronics infrastructure. Four transfer stations-San Carlos Transfer Station, Blue Line Transfer Station, San Bruno Transfer Station, and Seacoast/Coastside-and Ox Mountain Landfill developed drop off programs for old electronics, or e-waste.

With an infrastructure in place, RecycleWorks prepared and implemented an attractive and comprehensive electronics recycling public education campaign that included BART ads, newspaper ads, airport shuttle bus ads, and point-of-purchase cards with information on where residents can drop off their e-waste for recycling. Additionally, the RecycleWorks hotline staff helps connect donators of fairly new equipment with nonprofits in need of computer equipment. In 2001, 230 tons of e-waste was recycled in San Mateo County. In the first four months of 2002, after the beginning of the outreach campaign, over 170 tons of e-waste were accepted, a 121% increase over 2001.

The RecycleWorks hotline (1-888-442-2666) and website ( offer residents and businesses in the County comprehensive information on where to recycle just about anything, how to reduce waste, green building, composting, and other environmental information. The hotline is answered live in English and Spanish and serves the entire county.

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