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March 2, 2005

San Mateo County RecycleWorks
Contact: Malia Langworthy
650-599-1468 or

RecycleWorks Launches New Website
Site helps San Mateo County residents take advantage of local environmental resources

The RecycleWorks program of San Mateo County has launched a new website to help residents and businesses of San Mateo County take advantage of local environmental resources. The Bay Area is blessed with incredible infrastructure for recycling, reuse, organic foods, public transit, and buying recycled and environmentally-friendly products. Furthermore, environmental experts exist in just about every industry in the Bay Area. But how does a sustainable-minded individual sort through it all and find exactly what they are looking for? Enter focuses on environmental resources based in San Mateo County, while including unique programs in the greater Bay Area. If you are a gardener wanting to learn to compost, if you are a homeowner wanting to build green, if you are a techie wanting to recycle your old computer, if you are a teacher looking for online environmental education activities, if you are a student researching recycling laws, or if you are a business trying to implement an environmental purchasing policy, the RecycleWorks website can help you find a local solution. was recently redesigned and expanded to address sustainability, which incorporates a broader range of issues than recycling alone. The sustainability section of the RecycleWorks website addresses fundamental changes to the way energy, housing, product design, environmental policy and business is being thought about. Sustainable solutions are not easy and require collaboration among many sectors of the economy. The RecycleWorks website strives to be a resource to move sustainability forward in San Mateo County.

For those who are not connected to the web, RecycleWorks also maintains a hotline at 1-888-442-2666.

The new pages include:

Government Section – includes state recycling laws, local environmental ordinances and policies, contact information for government agencies that address environmental issues

Facts & Figures Section – recycling data, indicators of sustainability in San Mateo County

Bay Area Regional Programs Section – links to nonprofit and collaborative government groups working on environmental issues in the Bay Area

Get Involved Section – a listing of upcoming events

Green Building Section – this section has been significantly expanded

Air Quality Section – local programs to help you improve air quality

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