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So you love nature, animals, recycling and protecting the environment. You enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, learning new nature facts and spotting animals. There are many places right here in San Mateo County that you will have a great time visiting.

Go on a "field trip" with your parents, brothers and sisters and friends to one of the following exciting destinations:

Shoreway Recycling and Disposal Center and Blue Line Transfer Station
Ever wonder what happens to all the recycling that gets picked up at your curb? Go check out one of the two transfer stations in San Mateo County and find out.

Coyote Point Museum
You can see a wild spotted owl, watch an otter eat lunch, wander through the butterfly garden or go on a mini-hike from the mountains to the sea at Coyote Point Musuem.

Elkus Ranch
Call ahead to schedule a visit: 650-712-3158
The Elkus Ranch is an environmental education center in Half Moon Bay where you can work in a garden, check out farm animals and wander through cool seaside habitat.

Great County Parks and State Parks in San Mateo County
All kinds of adventures are to be had at the many parks around San Mateo County. Go on a hike, plant some flowers, make a sand castle, have a picnic, chase a butterfly...

Marine Science Institute
Find out what kind of creatures live in the San Francisco Bay. Go sloshing through the mudflats or on a boat ride in the Bay.

Memorial Park
Great for banana slug safaris and hugging 2,000 year old redwoods. In addition to the tunnel tree, which you can walk through, there is a swimming hole and a fish-filled creek to play in.

Save The Bay's Community-based Restoration Program
Be part of the solution! Help restore the wetland habitats of the San Francisco Bay back to its natural state.


San Mateo County Outdoor Education
Fifth and Sixth graders in San Mateo County will spend a week in the redwood forest at Jones Gulch learning about nature and ecology. Have a great time and don't forget to kiss a banana slug!