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2004 Solar Tour and Building Tour
Saturday, October 2, 2004

San Mateo County RecycleWorks has previously partnered with NorCal Solar to sponsor a Solar Home Tour in October. The tour allowed people to visit solar homes around San Mateo County and see the latest in solar technology, talk to homeowners about their experience, and meet various solar vendors.

Some of the homes also featured green building techniques and materials and innovative sustainable designs. The Solar Tour is a great way to learn more about solar and green building from people who are already doing it.

Future individual home tours may be organized for the public from time to time. If you are interested in receiving announcements of these tours, please sign up for the green building email list. To find out about the NorCal Solar Tours held around the Bay Area in October, contact NorCal Solar.

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Featured homes and buildings in the 2004 Tour

Lunardi's Market: Lunardi's Markets have made a commitment to renewable energy. The Burlingame and San Jose stores have solar power and the Los Gatos store has a co–generation system. Find out more when you come to check in for the tour.

Burlingame Home: Pool heating system and large photovoltaic system.

San Mateo Home: Easy to view mid–sized PV system constructed with unique panels, the homeowner has been in the solar industry for many years and is a great source of information.

Belmont Home: This home is an excellent example of a home designed with sustainability as the guiding principal. All electricity is provided by the PV system and water and room temperature are regulated by the solar thermal system. The home incorporates salvaged building materials, non–toxic and recycled building materials, energy–efficient appliances, sustainable wood, and lots of natural lighting.

San Carlos Home: This solar electric system is a great example of a small, simple system and is part of the GRID Alternatives' Solar Affordable Housing Program.

Menlo Park Home: This home has many green building features including daylight harvesting, energy–efficient appliances and lighting, radiant floor heating, sustainably grown wood flooring and furniture, and water–conserving landscape. It also has a very small PV system mounted on a Spanish–tile roof.

Woodside Home: Large photovoltaic system with battery back up.

East Palo Alto Homes (2 neighboring homes): These homes are part of the Clarum Homes Enviro–Home development. Both homes have roof–integrated PV panels plus many energy–efficiency features.

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