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Joustra Building External View

Eric Joustra Home and Office

Sustainable San Mateo County, RecycleWorks and the AIA Chapter awarded the first residential Green Building Award to owners, Eric Joustra and Paulien Strijland of Menlo Park. The addition and renovation was designed and built by Eric Joustra.

"The materials, such as the metal roof and siding, lend themselves to design elements that support the original design. From wood to metal, the recycled and resource efficient features are a major component in the greening of the building," said Richard Conrad, an architect in the State Architects Office, who served as a judge in the awards process.

Green Features and Achievements:

  • The renovation expanded the living space by 1400 sf. but while Title-24 analysis showed a 66% increase in conditioned floor area, there was only a 9% rise in energy usage.

  • The design incorporated passive solar and radiant heat. After removing multiple layers of carpet, padding and cork tile, the slab was finished in slate, resulting in considerable fuel savings, increased indoor air quality and comfort rating.

  • Many areas - new and existing - were insulated with R-40 Insulation.

  • All new windows have Low-E glazing and thermally broken frames, both reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. R-value of these commercial type windows is R-18.

  • The home has no air conditioning! However unusual for homes this size, the clever design regarding thermal mass, shading, and natural ventilation makes this home perfect for the famous California indoor-outdoor living.

  • Joustra designed a flexible floor plan so that the home can 'grow' along with the changing needs of its occupants, without literally expanding. This was accomplished by including spaces that can easily double for other functions or change functions over the life of the building and by making all new interior walls non load-bearing, so that the floor plan can be easily adapted over time.

  • Outside they made use of permeable pavement, which helps reduce storm water runoff and increase infiltration rates and results in groundwater recharge.

  • The builder used Glue Lam Timber, which is resource efficient. I-joists use up to 2/3 less wood then sawn-lumber joists.

  • Joustra Roof
  • The roof is steel, which has recycled content and a long life cycle (50 year warranty). The Galvalume finish is highly reflective, significantly lowering the inside temperature. The old tar and gravel flat roofs were replaced with Energy Star partner Metacrylics, a cool roof alternative.

  • The steel siding, door frames, and counter tops are nontoxic and have a long life span. Steel components are reusable or recyclable.

  • Solid maple vanity tops are from certified, well-managed forests, which helps minimize deforestation, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion and pollutant runoff.

  • ECOnights Flooring is made from a combination of recycled tire rubber and post-industrial colored rubber. This is a resilient flooring with incredible durability and it was installed without adhesives.

  • The glass fiber wall covering is nontoxic and has recycled content. This product meets the State of Washington / USEPA criteria for indoor air quality.

  • An EcoFire Super-Grate was installed. This insert reduces pollution and increases radiant heat in the existing fireplace.

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