Green Buildings of San Mateo County

The County of San Mateo Forensic Lab and Coroner's Office

County of San Mateo Forensic Lab and Coroner's Office

Built in 2002, the new Crime Lab is the greenest building that the County has built. In addition to the vast solar array on the roof, the design provides for extensive natural lighting and views from many labs and office areas.

The Crime Lab analyzes evidence in criminal cases and the Coroner's Office investigates the causes of death. A laboratory is not the easiest building to make energy efficient and green, but HOK and Turner Construction have built a showcase building—a 29,000 square feet steel-framed, modern laboratory.

Some of the green practices and materials used on this building include:

  • Energy efficient lab equipment including variable volume fume hoods and sensitive sensor controls.
  • Exterior is clad in recycled, split-face concrete block and low solar transmission glass.
  • Natural materials such as bamboo flooring in the entryway and linoleum in the hallways.
  • Natural lighting from clerestory windows that permeates the work space.
  • Solar Panels across the whole roof. Picture of installation of solar roof.
  • Water efficient landscaping.
  • Water conserving fixtures as appropriate.
  • Fundamental building commissioning.
  • Construction and demolition debris recycling program.

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