San Mateo County Green Business Program

Becoming a Green Certified Business - the Process

The Green Business Program recognizes businesses that comply with all environmental regulations and take steps to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution. To become a certified Green Business:

  • Complete a baseline checklist of required and voluntary measures and implement necessary remaining measures to prevent pollution and to conserve resources. Meetings with technical experts such as PG&E, your water agency and the County's coordinator, will help you through the process.
  • Once the items above are completed, the Countywide Green Business Coordinator will conduct a final check of your checklist through a site visit to make sure all measures are implemented.
  • You will then receive your Green Business Certification!

Remember your business may already be doing a lot to go green. If so, you can take credit for what you've already implemented. Your local Green Business Coordinator will work with you throughout the process and help identify the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the program.