Master Composter Testimonials

Bob Stine: master composter

Bob Stine
I thoroughly enjoy working in the garden. I also enjoy people. So, being able to spend time with people who love gardening is ideal. I've always enjoyed the fact that the people attending workshops are so much like sponges! They soak up every word you say because they're so anxious to learn! I learned a lot about composting that I didn't know. I enhanced my ability to talk to a crowd of people. I made some great friends.

Sharon Luehs
I really enjoyed the Master Composter Program. I attended the class to learn how to grow more powerful wheatgrass to improve my health. Now I am growing richer herbs and can stop buying artificial flowers to put in my flowerbeds. It's fantastic!

Sharon Marson
The Master Composter Program was great. The teacher was great. I signed up for the program because it's important to me to keep as many materials out of the waste stream as possible and composting seemed like a good way to do that. In addition to learning about compost, it was a bonus to learn so much about the soil and organic gardening.

Sharon Marson's Garden

Lucille Farrar
Great teacher! Interesting and delightful people taking the course. All for a good cause — reducing wasteful waste management, and helping to nourish the earth so it can keep on nourishing us. I feel very fortunate to be involved in this program.

Catherine M. Clark
The Master Composter Program was informative and fun, fun, fun! I learned how to make and use compost, including vermicompost (loved the worms), how to spread the word about the positive impact composting has on the community (and the composter) and studied alongside a great group of green–minded people. I loved it!

Craig Rush
Alane presented a semester course that was part biology, part ecology, part recycling and lots of inspiration. We had lots of fun and every concept was either demonstrated or we practiced it.

Some of the wonderful, global lessons I have learned include:

  • By composting a person begins to understand the "circle of life," feels more connected to the earth, and as a result begins to be more respectful of the Earth and its resources. I, for example am now contemplating contour watering, native plants, and collecting winter rainwater from my roof.

  • Composting is a lot like cooking – there are many recipes and they all work.

  • There is a composting recipe to fit everyone's lifestyle.

  • There is one universal Law of Compost – Compost Happens!

  • Soil is actually alive and is called "Living Soil."

  • There are beneficial microorganisms, beneficial insects and organic gardening really works! As proof I offer the fact that I bordered our vegetable garden with Marigolds and achieved outstanding results.

  • Vermiculture aids the overall composting program by enabling one to compost additional items and adds an extra benefit, worm tea.

Any program that can take a lifelong urbanite and convert him to not just an active composter but a volunteer Master Composter, willing to give up evenings and weekends to go out and inspire others to do the same, is truly worth its weight in, shall we say, compost. This is a very valuable program to have in our community and I am proud to be a part of it. For Craig's complete story.

Lynn Adams
I completed the San Mateo County Master Composter class in May of 2002 and cannot believe how much I learned nor how rewarding it is to teach others about composting and vermicomposting. It is heartening to see so much interest in saving our planet one yard and one household at a time and to help people do just that! It is also a thrill to meet other Master Composters at parties or shows and share more tips, tricks and composting stories!

Pat Kelleher
I took the Master Composter class in order to learn "something" about growing healthy plants. I have certainly learned so much more while having a lot of fun, developing a very supportive network of fellow composters, and having the opportunity to give back to the community in a way that builds a healthier planet.

Margaret Desmond
The Master Composter Program moved me into a direction that I have wanted to go for many years. Not only did I learn about composting, I learned about the value of sustainability and how I could follow its principles in my daily life. My appreciation for all the creatures that share my garden with me has increased tremendously. I credit Alane Weber for all that I have learned and for helping our entire class to think in an environmentally conscience way. I remember in the first class that she told us we would all become advocates for the environment. I believe we have.

Hans Kuendig
Alane Weber was wonderful, very professional and personable, and so knowledgeable. I can't say enough about her. This program and its success are very much due to her dedication, knowledge and hard work. What we learn and then pass on to others is so important to people, communities and our environment.

Ann Gahagen
Watch the full cycle of life from your own backyard. Plant a seed, watch it grow, eat the harvest, pile the withered plant or vine in a shady spot. Turn it a lot, or not. Magic. It's compost! Add the compost to your soil. Plant a seed... It sounds incredibly simple, and it is. Now a step further. A worm bin to house Lumbricus rubellus (redworms) to eat kitchen scraps, newspaper and produce liquid fertilizer. These are recipes for a successful garden and a healthy environment. Thank you San Mateo County RecycleWorks for providing such a great program.

Cathy Cheek, aka "MsCWiggly"
I am honored to be a part of the San Mateo County Master Composting program. The Master Composter program was very comprehensive and provided me with the incentive to continue my search for small ways to make a big difference. I have been invited to visit numerous schools and preschools as part of my fullfillment of community service hours. It is amazing to watch the transformation that these kids go through when they discover the connection between their actions and their environment. Find your unique way of contributing to this worthwhile program. As Rumi mused, "Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth."