California Consumer Assistance Program: Vehicle Retirement Program

If your car fails a Smog Check, and the vehicle meets other additional requirements, you may qualify for $1,000.00 under the state's Consumer Assistance Program: Vehicle Retirement. Visit the Consumer Assistance Program for more information; the Application is also available online. Call the state Department of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-952-5210 for additional information.

There are many programs in the County that will accept cars as donations for nonprofits. We maintain a current list: Where to Recycle or Donate your Old Car.

Car Tips

If you want to cause less pollution and make your car last longer at the same time, here are some Car Tips:

  • Keep your car tuned up. Your car will last longer and pollute less.

  • Keep your tires properly inflated. This will help your tires to last longer too, reducing our tire piles- one of the states most difficult waste material.

  • Carpool to work or take public transportation, bike or walk. Using your car less makes it last longer!

  • When you purchase your next car- choose one with high miles per gallon. Not only will it save you money and pollute less, it saves on the pollution that is created at gas stations.

  • On Spare the Air days, do even more!

  • And if you see a smoking vehicle, you can help us all breathe better by calling 1-800-EXHAUST or visiting the Bay Area Air Quality Management District website.